5 minutes ago they were chasing the laser

apparently i just needed a nap and some ice cream

pls dont be sad

i’m just being a dumb baby about school

thinking i had 6 days to study for an exam and then only having 1 day just makes me think there is no way i won’t screw the exam up

and then screw up my 4.0

huge adult baby



you’re not ready to watch this video

Christ Lord Jesus save my soul

(via plebshit)


My Son

The math exam I was meant to have this upcoming Tuesday has been moved to tomorrow so I am just not having a great time.
I need to do super well on this exam to make up for the B on my first one
Rly dont want to fuck up my GPA.

Rly glad snapchat video works on my phone since vine and instagram do not.
I’m sure kirsty is equally thankfull
Hehe hoho

/creepin hard!

ayyyy the last time i wore this dress was the first time we hung out so that’s all i think about when i wear it hehe

how’s that for creepin